Sunday, February 4, 2018

How to Make a Doll Space Cadet Shirt Video Tutorial

I made a video and uploaded to my Facebook Page GiGi's Designs - Stitches2Paint
 On how I made a doll shirt with Space Cadet design using heat transfer vinyl and showed sewing it. Doll shirt is for boy or girl doll.

Sewing Video Tutorial click above

  This is my custom American Boy Doll that I purchased several years ago. 

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Paw Print Doll Scrubs and DIY Doll Vet Clinic for American Girl

I absolutely love staging and taking photos of dolls to make them as realistic as I can.  Tonight I made a pair of Paw Print Doll Scrubs and used items to stage a animal clinic.  Chrissa is an American Girl doll and is one of my favorite dolls.  I think she photographs beautifully.

Dog treats, x-ray and stuffed brown puppy dog are from My Life Doll  Vet collection from Walmart.
 Dog Vet posters, clip board, jar of dog treats were purchased from My Life Doll collection and the phone is from Toys R Us Journey doll collection, and the microscope is from Target from Our Generation Science Lab collection. 
  Syringe and doll stethoscope comes from the My Life Vet set. This dog is from American Girl Doll

  This computer/laptop and stylist comes from Target Our Generation Doll Collection.  The pink drawer came from Dollar Tree.  White counter is a custom built counter/cabinet that my husband made me for photos.
Here's an up close look at the clipboard, phone , dog treats and microscope.

Here is the back view of the doll scrubs

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sewing Video Doll Clothes for Wellie Wishers - Mini Fox Print Doll Shirt and Leggings

Today I decided to do a live Facebook video on my business page GiGi's Designs  - Stitches 2 Paint and show how to sew a doll shirt and a pair of leggings for Wellie Wisher Dolls. I am new at doing Live FB videos and as with anything we get better the more times we do something. So its not perfect.

Here is Willa a Willie Wisher doll from American Girl doll wearing the outfit.

Here is the link to by Facebook page to view the live facebook video click ---> GiGis Designs Live FB video sewing Doll Clothes

As always hope you enjoyed the video ( note to self - will put phone on airplane mode or mute notifications - there were a couple of "dings" in the beginning)


Monday, January 1, 2018

Astronaut, Galaxy, Solar, Outer Space Walk on the Moon Themed Doll Shirts fits American Girl Dolls

New 18 inch doll clothes I made

With the new American Girl Doll of the Year 2018 Luciana and her story about NASA, STEM, and the moon, space challenger and galaxy

 I decided to make some doll shirts with my heat transfer vinyl. These can be for Boy or Girl doll - unisex

To purchase click here  Space Cadet shirt

 StarStruck click here to purchase

Have you purchased Luciana GOTY 2018 yet?  

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

18 inch Boy Doll Clothes Fit American Boy Dolls

Even though it is very cold where I live, there are some very warm places still left on this earth like CA, AZ, FL.... so I made some boy doll clothes - shirt and shorts. I have custom American Boy doll that I purchased - Nick.  American Girl Doll Company just released 4 new American Boy dolls.  There are now 5 from AG company.

 I had a lot of fun setting up for the photographs and gathering photo props to go with the clothes.  My grandson likes to play with my doll photo props like the fishing pole, fish, trucks, cars, basketball so I had to look for some of the items. I buy small scale items to use for photo props.  Miniature toys are best size for doll photos.

I have these outfits listed on my Etsy Shop Stitches2Paint 

Dump Truck, Ninja Turtle, Basketball theme short sets

The Second Bundle Set I made is from a Nautical Theme 

Nautical Theme - Fish, Anchors and Blue Denim shorts

Do you have an American Boy Doll?  Have you seen the four new ones they just released?

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Pink Hedgehog Outfit for Wellie Wishers an American Girl Doll

I have purchased several new designs for Heat Transfer Vinyl designs for doll shirts.  Camille below is modeling the new Hedgehog short paired up with pink rose skirt.

Here  is the link to purchase this outfit on Etsy Pink Hedgehog Outfit for Wellie Wishers

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tutorial on how to Make Farmhouse Style Wooden Slice Christmas Ornaments

I am starting to do live FB post on my  Stitches 2 Paint Facebook Business Page and last week.  I am still new to learning to do live Facebook. I am branching out doing more creative things other than just sewing doll clothes.  I hope to inspire you to do the same.  My new designed Etsy Store Stitches 2 Paint and FB page names have been changed to reflect that Stitches 2 Paint.

In my second live Facebook I did a tutorial on how to make Farmhouse Style Wooden Slice Christmas Ornaments.  

I love the white background with black lettering paired up with red and black buffalo plaid ribbon

I love the Rae Dunn font she uses on her farmhouse dishes and accessories.  I purchased commercial license for a font that is similar that represent Tall Skinny letters to make these wooden slices.
There is a a free font on Dafont called The Skinny for personal use only but if you want to sell items using it then you will need to purchase the commercial license. There are some SVF Fonts also on Etsy to use with your vinyl cutting software. has a similar font called Overcoat & Snowflakes Extras that comes with commercial license also.

I purchased these round wooden slice/circles from Hobby Lobby to use.

Here is the live video I did on Facebook showing start to finish how I made them.  I show several versions of hand painting the letters and applying vinyl cut with Cameo machine. 

I hope you enjoyed the video, be sure to like and follow my FB business page for more live video tutorials on a variety of crafting/sewing/embroidery/painting
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